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What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

When the teeth colour or shape or position is a concern, the dental cosmetic procedures can offer some nice solutions to solve the issue. Whitening “tooth bleaching” is one of the most common cosmetic procedures nowadays. Stained teeth surfaces can get their colour changed to the natural tooth colour using this procedure. But sometimes the tooth is internally discoloured and whitening treatment does not provide the desired results. In this case a Dental Crown (for full coverage) or a Veneer or a Componeer® (for partial coverage) can cover the discolored tooth surface and give a naturally white looking surface. For applying Veneers or Componeer®, the front visible surface of the tooth will need very slight preparation (depending on the case) to make the surface ready to accept the covering material.

If the position of a front tooth is making you unhappy about your smile, cosmetic dentistry can also offer some nice solutions. The dentist will evaluate the issue and discuss different treatment modalities. Using Orthodontic treatment or a Dental Crown or a Veneer, the patient will choose the treatment of choice for his case.

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