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Oral Hygiene

Oral Hygiene has a very strong relation to our oral and overall health. We eat twice a day at least, and we might have some snacks in between. We do our best to brush and floss our teeth twice a day. But whatever we do, certain areas in our mouth are difficult to reach or see and might not get all the benefit of our in-home daily oral care. As a result, this will cause plaque and food debris to accumulate. This accumulation of plaque and derbies on those areas will make them more prone to dental decay and infection of the gum. During a dental hygiene appointment, the hygienist or the dentist will do a professional cleaning using professional tools to clean the teeth and the calcium deposits (Dental Calculus) under the gum margin. Ultrasonic dental instrument is usually used to help in loosening the calcium deposits (calculus).

In a dental hygiene appointment, the dentist will get the chance to do a quick check up on the patient’s oral health and follow up for any existing dental issue.

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