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Fissure Sealants

What are Fissure Sealants

On our natural teeth, we have two types of surfaces, Smooth surfaces and Fissured surfaces.  Fissure Sealants are needed on fissured surfaces.  Smooth surfaces are all the dental surfaces between our teeth, Fissured surfaces are the top surfaces of our teeth where we chew on. Fissured surfaces usually  accumulate food debris and plaque. Food debris and plaque will support bacterial growth in these areas which might result in tooth decay and cavities. Fissure Sealants are dental materials which dentists usually apply on the fissured surfaces to block any food or debris accumulation. This procedure is painless and no freezing is required.

This treatment is recommended for kids when they get their first permanent molars erupted and especially if these teeth have deep fissures.


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