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Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom teeth or Third Molars are usually the last teeth to erupt. The eruption time varies from the age of 17 to 25. Wisdom Teeth can get impacted if they are unable to erupt normally in their position. When Wisdom Teeth are impacted they can cause many issues, but is not restricted to pain, infection, damage to adjacent teeth, cyst formation, facial swelling. The severity of these symptoms varies depending on the condition of the impaction. An impacted untreated Wisdom Tooth should be checked periodically to monitor its effect on the adjacent teeth especially the second molar. In some cases, the wisdom tooth may affect the root (“root resorption”) of the Second Molar and that may end up with losing the tooth.

When Wisdom Teeth start developing, they start from a small size (about a pea size) then they increase in size and develop roots. In General, extracting an undeveloped Wisdom Tooth is easier and has less complications than extracting a fully developed Wisdom Tooth with large roots. In many occasions, the roots might be close to a vital structure like a nerve or sinus. It is recommended to plan for Wisdom teeth extraction at the earliest convenient time to minimize the complications.

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